Year-End Strategic Planning & Forecasting – Brief

Year-End Strategic Planning & Forecasting – Brief

With 2013 drawing to a close, attention turns to closing out the year advantageously and engaging in strategic planning and strategic forecasting to set the right course for new year.

The most important elements of the preparation process are strategic planning, budgeting and strategic forecasting with rolling forecasts.

There are many shortcomings in traditional, static budgeting, with the process being tedious and time-consuming – and projections being outdated and irrelevant in a few months.

Our new brief…

Year-End Strategic Planning & Forecasting: Now Is the Time for a New Approach

…builds the case that now is the right time to realize the limitations of traditional budgeting – and consider a new model: “beyond budgeting” and its quarterly rolling forecasts.

The brief looks at the elements and how-to’s of applying this innovative approach with rolling forecasts, as well as benefits that include more relevant, credible and flexible forecasts.

Los Angeles and Southern California executives may want to consider engaging a CFO services firm that has a proven track record helping other business leaders improve their controls, better respond to evolving market forces, and reach their targeted goals.

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