Strategic Planning & Forecasting Brief

Year-End Strategic Planning & Forecasting: Now Is the Time for a New Approach

Year end brings extraordinary focus to achieving two critical strategic planning goals:

  • Close the year out with the most advantageous accounting and tax strategies available.
  • Set the course for the next year with the right strategic plan, budget and forecast.

This is the time to act on identifying tax benefits, as well as on working on strategic planning, critical success factors, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to drive your company’s success in the new year.

Now is also the opportune time to recognize the shortcomings of traditional static budgeting – and consider implementing a new approach: “beyond budgeting” with quarterly rolling forecasts.

What’s Inside

In presenting the new model, this complimentary strategic planning and forecasting brief addresses the following:

  • Shortcomings of the traditional budgeting process.
  • Market forces that call for a more flexible, relevant, and agile budgeting process.
  • Elements and benefits of a “beyond budgeting” approach.
  • Benefits of rolling quarterly forecasts.
  • How to implement rolling quarterly forecasts.
  • Recommendations on easing the transition.

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