Project CFO

Project CFO: Financial Expertise Laser-Focused on One Project

When specific expertise or more bandwidth is needed, a project CFO is a high-value solution.

What is a Project CFO?

A project CFO is a valuable resource when authoritative financial expertise is needed to complete a single, high-priority project and realize target outcome value.

Growing businesses rely on their CPA firms and internal accounting staffs, but when the requirements of a challenge exceed available expertise or bandwidth, incurred costs of the challenge continue to accrue, and time-sensitive opportunities fade.

With experience gained as enterprise CFOs and as CFO services partners – and acting in the role of a project CFO – we bring exceptional talents to finding root causes of challenges, evaluating options with you, and teaming to implement high-value solutions.

Project CFO Frequency

Project CFO

Skill Sets

  • High-caliber financial leadership
  • Authoritative financial expertise


  • One clearly-defined project
  • Can include sub-projects


  • Driven by the engagement
  • Can be as short as a few days
  • Can be one, two or more weeks

On-Site Presence

  • Driven by the engagement
  • Can be one or two days a week on-site
  • Can include remote task completion
Value of a Project CFO

Value of a Project CFO

Executives frequently face challenges that require financial expertise that exceeds internal capabilities or bandwidth.

These situations are efficiently addressed and resolved by a project CFO.

In addition to delivering high-caliber financial leadership, all our partners apply authoritative financial expertise with a laser-like focus on a single, pressing financial challenge that is standing in the way of performance or value gains.

We also address a project that is comprised of sub-projects. For example, completing a funding request may require a cash flow analysis, restatements or an updated forecast to build an accurate financial model.

A project CFO gets up to speed quickly and knows what needs to be done to successfully move a project to completion

Working with a project CFO pays dividends both now – there will be no delays in resolving front-burner challenges – and in the future – with positive results achieved by completion.

A project CFO’s level of expertise means there will be no need for significant supervision, and you and your team will be able to focus on your roles operating your business.

When to Think of a Project CFO

When to Think of a Project CFO

Examples of ways a project CFO can team with you to resolve challenges include the following:

  • A financing request cannot be made until there is a forecast for comparing actual results.
  • Some products warrant price increases, but there is no analysis to support it or “what if?” scenarios.
  • Industry peers report six- or seven-digit annual cost savings, and you want an expert review of your COGS, operating expenses, and margins.
  • A new operating model could move the company from selling commodity-based offerings to selling specialized, premium-priced offerings.
  • An independent audit must be done to complete a sale or merger, and time is running short.
  • A retiring partner’s buy-out is delayed because the best way to finance it is not known.
  • A new order could triple company size, but there are no hard numbers on how to price it or the affordability of capital to fund it.
  • You are a seated CFO and know the quickest path to completion of project is to hire a project CFO to supplement your work.

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