CFO Services for Executives: Resolving Challenges, Together

We team with executives on business finance challenges to make their companies more successful.

Driven by pressing business finance challenges, executives seek a professional resource who brings proven financial leadership and authoritative financial expertise.

As project CFOs, part-time CFOs and interim CFOs, we work with executives and their teams to move their challenges to resolution and value.

Executives with whom we partner are primarily located in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

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CFO Services for CEOs, Presidents & Owners

CEOs, Presidents & Owners

When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Committed to improving their businesses and growing value, executives periodically need specific financial expertise to resolve challenges or reach goals. The right resource applies proven skills to tailor a solution to their needs. Our value-centric approach is driven by client-defined and client-measured value. As project CFOs, part-time CFOs and interim CFOs, we team with clients to increase value across many financial and operational areas.

CFO Services for Chief Financial Officers

Chief Financial Officers

Pressing needs for expertise and bandwidth prompt CFOs to engage another CFO.

Faced with deadline-driven business finance challenges needing specific talents or added capacity, CFOs bring us in to achieve business case-justified ROI. For example, a $500 million public medical imaging company acquired a new business, and the CFO needed support with post-acquisition accounting, audit preparation, SEC filings and multiple element arrangements accounting rules. Learn more in the case study: RadNet, Inc. Case Study

CFO Services for Startups


With many demands on startup funds, a CFO partner brings cost-effective expertise.

Along with impeccable operational and sales execution, astute financial know-how is needed for startup success. A part-time or project-based CFO creates sound financial discipline and injects a long-term view. A CFO brings greater confidence and security for everyone, including principles, investors and customers. Our work includes creation of financial models and compelling presentations to successfully raise funds.

CFO Services for Trusted Advisors

Trusted Advisors

For professionals with client projects, we resolve roadblocks that slow forward motion.

CPAs, attorneys, bankers and other professionals can find projects are delayed when clients present incomplete financial data. This can impact financing, loan covenants and transactions. Root causes include not having correct financial controls or staff expertise. We apply best-practice accounting policies and processes to generate the credible, GAAP-compliant numbers needed from clients to complete initiatives.

CFO Services for Board Members

Board Members

If a full-time CFO is not yet warranted, we provide on-demand financial expertise.

Board member address areas like long-term planning, governance and the operational excellence that drives growth and shareholder value. Realizing success depends on sound business finance oversight and best practices in financial controls, budgeting and reporting. If there is a need for more concise reporting, we can identify key performance indicators and develop dashboards to better display actionable financial data.

CFO Services for Investors


Both investors and entrepreneurs can face challenges early in funding rounds.

Investors note valuation may fall before round completion. Wanting fund access, entrepreneurs face delays if more investors are needed. We bring expertise in issuing convertible debt: investors move from note holders to shareholders as notes convert to equity shares at round completion. Early investors can increase stakes if there is a late-round valuation fall, and entrepreneurs can access funds after note signing.

CFO Services for Private Equity & Venture Capital

Venture Capital & Private Equity

We support portfolio company lifecycles: acquisition, management and divestiture.

ROI is grounded in sound investment decisions and ongoing performance management. Both require credible financial information presented in clear and concise financial language. We prepare income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We also provide buy- and sell-side due diligence, post-acquisition accounting integration, restatements, revenue recognition, audit preparation and compliance filings.

Your CFO in California

Your CFO in California

For executives located in the U.S. and abroad, we support initiatives in California.

Business opportunities connect us all like never before, and we support projects for executives at domestic and international firms who need short-term financial expertise. Examples include acquisition due diligence and post-acquisition accounting at an area company purchased by an overseas firm. With partner careers averaging 30+ years here, we know Southern California business and can introduce you to local attorneys, bankers and other professionals.

CFO Services Candidates


Have you considered a new career as a project CFO, part-time CFO or interim CFO?

We deliver solutions to CEOs, presidents and owners of firms in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Our CFOs are full partners and enjoy many benefits: interesting challenges, more schedule control and the flexibility to find what you’re looking for. If you have seated CFO experience, strong financial expertise and sense we may be a good fit, please contact us.