Business Finance Solutions: Scale & Scope, Tailored by You

We draw on our enterprise CFO skills to deliver the right solutions and targeted value.

Our business finance solutions resolve a broad spectrum of business challenges faced by executives.

Each executive’s requirements and goals will be different, and yet all executives share a need to bring in the financial and operational expertise needed to resolve their challenges and deliver targeted value.

That’s where we come in. As former enterprise CFOs and providers of authoritative, high-caliber expertise, we have the capabilities needed to move challenges to resolutions that realize desired value.

Every week since our firm was established in 2010, a CFO Edge partner has written an authoritative article on a business challenge; its impact if not resolved; options for business finance solutions; and value outcomes. We are pleased to offer over 360 articles on our financial and operational performance solutions.

In the following solution grid, you can click on a green group heading in the first column to view related articles.

Solutions Grid

Financial Strategy

Financial Roadmap

Finance Management

Change Management

Strategic Planning

Growth Strategy

Profitability Strategy

Exit Strategy

Business Analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions


IPO Filings

Joint Ventures

Real Estate Ventures

Investment Partnerships

Bank Relations

Family Offices

Executive Recruitment

Succession Planning

Executive Compensation

Risk Management

Compliance Management

Tax & Regulatory Strategy

Insurance Management

Audit Strategy

Audit Planning

Audit Preparation

Audit Management

Internal Controls

Fraud Audit

Forensic Accounting

Litigation Support

Contract Negotiations


Lease Negotiations

Vendor Management

Performance Management

Dashboards & Scorecards

KPIs & Success Factors


Operational Improvements

Sales Strategies

HR Management

Inventory Management

Financing Presentations

Capital Structure

Equity & Debt Raising

Business Loans



Financial Modeling

Financial Analysis

Revenue Recognition

Multi-Year Restatements

GAAP-to-IFRS Conversion

Foreign Currency

Management Reporting

Statement Preparation

GAAP Reporting


Cash Flow Analysis

P&L Controls

Treasury Management

AR & AP Management

Accounting Systems Design

Accounting Policies

Data Management

Systems Integration

Solutions Roadmap

Like a tech company stack diagram, business finance solutions at any level are dependent on optimized layers below them.

Our solutions grid can be viewed as a multi-element roadmap from core accounting and reporting solutions all the way to strategic planning and transactions. To realize full value from any solution at any level, all components that contribute to that solution must operate correctly. The scale, scope and depth of our experiences equip us to know and successfully address all linked elements.

Solution Bundles from a Project CFO

Our solutions grid can also be viewed as a menu of one-time projects.

In addition to delivering all business finance solutions as part-time CFOs and interim CFO, we team with clients as project CFOs to group solutions into a bundle focused on one goal. In this illustration, a client wants to raise capital to fund growth. Our cash flow analysis requires restatements and updated forecasting so the financial model is accurate and current. The statements and financial model are then used in a financing presentation to obtain a loan or investments.

Eight Leading-Edge Benchmarks

We apply a recognizably better way to develop and deploy business finance solutions.

All financial and operational performance solutions are not created equal. All too often, an easier and less comprehensive approach is put into play. By contrast, we leverage our expertise to apply eight leading-edge benchmarks to ensure that solutions are done correctly, are cost effective, deliver their full potential value upon completion and are ready to meet evolving needs.

Management Decision Making
Solutions are designed to support better management decision making.

Data Clarity
Solution reporting is clear, easy to understand and actionable.

Continuous Improvement
Built-in flexibility supports cost-effective enhancements and expansion.

Correct & Pragmatic
We apply best practices to develop the right solutions.

High-Level & Long-Term Views
We are mindful of interconnected elements and potential future factors.

Proven Input Levers
We apply proven processes to accelerate development and reduce costs.

We look for opportunities to leverage solutions to enhance their value.

Empowerment & Education
We convey the know-how to operate and benefit from the solution.

Kaleidoscopic Effect

With application of our eight benchmarks, our business finance solutions benefit from a kaleidoscopic effect.

When applied during development, our eight benchmarks act like reflecting panes inside a kaleidoscope. Our know-how in shaping and leveraging these interactions both enhances the solution’s final form and improves outcomes. The result: you and your company are empowered with a solution that is more cost effective, achieves faster time-to-value and delivers on its full potential value.