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Leveraging CFO Expertise

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC  
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It is increasingly important for CFOs to not only possess an exceptionally rigorous knowledge of finance, but also to understand both internal and external strategy, including a company’s growth potential and the independent needs of various operational sectors.

This varied proficiency places the CFO in a unique position of being able to apply their skills to numerous different areas and conceive of ways in which such sectors might cooperate or be integrated.

This article looks at ways that CFO expertise can be leveraged into other areas like corporate governance and planning; human resources; and information technology.

As CFO expertise is becoming increasingly necessary throughout the corporate structure, sometimes internal CFOs can become overstretched.

In such situations, Los Angeles and Southern California executives may want to consult with an external CFO services provider who can bring added CFO expertise and bandwidth to the departments where such knowledge is most needed.

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