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Reinventing Your Company for Long Term Growth

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge  
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  Why is reinvention so important? How do we identify the right time to reinvent? And what actions are required to reinvent and continue to grow our businesses?

Change is the key reason that organizations need to reinvent themselves. Sooner or later, every business will experience a slowdown in its growth rate. The classical S-shaped business lifecycle growth pattern starts out with relatively slow growth, moves into a more rapid growth pace, then plateaus. If the business does not become re-invigorated, its revenues will decline. 

Reviewing ideas from multiple thought leaders in organizational reinvention, this CFO Edge article presents an array of ideas and principles that can help C-level executives move toward a path of reinvention that will keep their companies growing in the years ahead.
  Strategies discussed include the following:
  • Managing for the revenue lifecycle curve and constantly monitoring competitive developments.
  • Shifting focus and resources away from short-term measures of success—such as quarterly returns—toward initiatives that will put the company on a longer-term growth path.
  • Continuously investing in developing new business capabilities.
  • Hiring employees who will create the future of the company by developing new ideas with less regard for bureaucratic restraints and more attention to idea quality.
  Understanding and applying these lessons are critical success factors for managing our companies toward long-term growth.  
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