Free Performance Measurement & Performance Management White Paper

Performance Measurement: At the Heart of Performance Management


Performance measurement is the "without which it could not be" of performance management.

Peter Drucker's time-honored axiom - "You can only manage what you can measure” - continues to drive and reward forward-thinking executives wanting greater profitability, growth and shareholder value.


Yet progress is sometimes hindered by excessive debate on what performance measurement is and how its four key elements - critical success factors, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and balanced scorecards - should be carried out.

What's Inside
This white paper delivers analyses of four performance measurement initiatives:

1. Critical Success Factors
2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
3. Dashboards
4. Balanced Scorecards

Revealed for each initiative are the following:

- What the initiative is
- Why the initiative is necessary
- The initiative’s benefits
- How the initiative is developed
- Examples of the initiative in action
Download Now to Discover the Benefits of the Four Initiatives
Correctly applied, the four performance measurement initiatives deliver a stellar array of positive financial and operational outcomes.

From faster visibility into high-value data to linking teams to results they're accountable for, the white paper presents a compelling business case for implementing the initiatives as a core element of your performance management strategy.  

hen fully deployed and consistently monitored, the four initiatives deliver the exceptional data clarity needed to drive better decision making and greater overall business success.