Complimentary White Paper: CFO or Controller - What's Right for Your Business?
CFO or Controller: What's Right for Your Business?

Executives at the helm of growing and entrepreneurial companies inevitably face two questions:


Is it time to hire a full-time leader for our financial team?

Should we hire a chief financial officer or a controller?


The answers to these questions - and the right resource solution model - will hinge on many different factors and will vary from one company to the next.


This free white paper explores the decision-making process and alternative solution models including a non-traditional option - CFO services - that can bring high-level financial expertise without the costs of a full-time hire.

What's Inside
Illustrated with quick-read graphics, this eight-page white paper supports finding the right solution for your company by way of the following sections: 

1. Decision-Making Drivers

How specific drivers are worked through and resolved determines the right solution model.


2. Comparing Roles: CFO and Controller

A head-to-head comparison illustrates differences in expertise and responsibilities.


3. The CFO in Action: Sample Scenarios

High-level skills of experienced CFOs are illustrated in successful resolution scenarios. 


4. An Alternative: Hiring an Outsourced CFO Services Provider

A non-traditional model delivers CFO expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. 

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As the CFO and controller are both critical, high-level financial positions in any business, it is important to periodically assess financial leadership roles.


Download the white paper for a review of drivers needing resolution, as well as comparative merits of both traditional solution models and an attractive alternative.
CFO or Controller: What's Right for Your Business?