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Content includes what we're hearing from area executives, commentary on current economic trends, and links to full articles we published in the month preceding that issue.

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CFO Inside Edge - February 2017
Now is the Time to Prepare for New Accounting Standards
Why Management Reporting Is More Critical Than Ever
Why You Must Keep Your Key Advisors Consistently Informed
The Role of Finance in Creating a Customer-Centric Culture
Should You Use a Professional Employer Organization?

CFO Inside Edge - January 2017
Key Considerations in Business Planning for 2017 & Beyond
When Should You Consider Hiring a Project CFO?
When Should You Consider Hiring a Part-Time CFO?
When Should You Consider Hiring an Interim CFO?

CFO Inside Edge - December 2016
How to Prepare Your Integrated Financial Plan for Investors
How to Minimize Risks in Family Business Succession
The Importance of Managing Working Capital for Liquidity
Making the Finance Department a True Team Player

CFO Inside Edge - November 2016
Should You Consider Implementing Project-Based Accounting?
The Benefits of Establishing Strong Vendor Relationships
The CFO as Your Company’s Risk Manager
The Importance of Checking a New Client's Creditworthiness

CFO Inside Edge - October 2016
Is Industry Expertise Overrated When Choosing a Provider?
Could Your Company Benefit From Verticalization?
When Do You Need to Obtain an Audit?
Six Steps You Should Take to Secure Your Corporate Data

CFO Inside Edge - September 2016
Why Owners Must Be Hands-On With Forecasting
Strategic Planning: Do You Have a Clear Vision and Mission?
Reduce Hiring Costs by Using Tax Incentives
When & How to Conduct a Business Valuation

CFO Inside Edge - August 2016
The Limits of DIY: When to Use an Accounting Professional
All About Budgeting: Common Challenges & Solutions
Strategic Tax Planning: Vital When Expanding or Relocating
When Should You Outsource vs. Do Work In-House?
Does Your Business Do Strategic Planning?

CFO Inside Edge - July 2016
Key Steps to Building a High-Performance Finance Staff
The Importance of Keeping Your House in Order
Should Your Company Purchase Accounts Receivable Insurance?
Robotic Process Automation: The Future of Digital Technology

CFO Inside Edge - June 2016
How Value-Based Pricing Can Boost Revenue & Profitability
Why You Need to Diversify Your Customer Base
A Financial Team's Critical Role in Preparing Exit Strategy
Why You Must Perform Due Diligence Before an Acquisition
The Benefits of Using Purchasing Cards

CFO Inside Edge - May 2016
Continuous Accounting: A Paradigm Shift for Finance Teams
The Need to Bring Finance & Accounting into the Digital Age
Centralized vs. Decentralized Organizational Structure
The Complexity & Importance of Accounting for Divestitures

CFO Inside Edge - April 2016
Why Service Businesses Must Track Employee Utilization Rates
How to Put Data Mining to Work for Your Business
How to Meet Today's Small Business Financing Challenges
The Benefits of Revisiting Processes, Workflows & Technology

CFO Inside Edge - March 2016
Learn from Last Year's Mistakes as You Move Forward in 2016
Financial Planning & Analysis: What It Is & Why It's Important
The Impact of Generational Differences on Succession Planning
The Benefits of Creating Effective Policies & Procedures
Top Wage & Salary Challenges Facing Businesses Today

CFO Inside Edge - February 2016
How to Guard Against Unpleasant Regulatory Surprises
Start Preparing Now for New Revenue Recognition Standard
Should You Consider Zero-Based Budgeting in 2016?
The Importance of Strategic Planning, Management & Execution

CFO Inside Edge - January 2016
How to Negotiate Favorable Credit Terms from Vendors
Where to Turn When You’ve Outgrown Your CPA
Six Steps for Overcoming Analysis Paralysis in Your Firm
Do You Really Need to Make That Business Trip?

CFO Inside Edge - December 2015
Four Strategies for Sustained Business Growth Accounting for Goodwill in a Merger or Acquisition
How Might Disruptions in China Affect You & Your Business?
Six Human Resources Areas You Must Monitor & Manage
Now is a Good Time for an Annual Business Checkup

CFO Inside Edge - November 2015
The Hidden Costs of Accounts Payable Processing
Seven Tips for Becoming a Better Negotiator
How to Tell If You're About to Lose a Customer & What to Do Next
Lean: It Isn't Just for Manufacturing Firms

CFO Inside Edge - October 2015
Factors to Consider Before Buying the Business Where You Work
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Financial Leadership
Challenges Business Owners Face in Raising Equity Funds
The Proper Role of Fear in Business Decision Making

CFO Inside Edge - September 2015
How to Manage T&E Expenses More Effectively
How Will an Interest Rate Hike Affect Your Company?
Strengthen Leadership to Boost Employee Motivation & Retention
When Might Your Company Need CFO-Level Support?
How to Incorporate Millennials into Your Workforce

CFO Inside Edge - August 2015
How to Execute an Organizational Turnaround
Estate Planning Strategy May Be Targeted by the IRS
Is Cybercrime a Threat to Your Business?
Internal Controls: Essential Periodic Testing & Maintenance
How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Business

CFO Inside Edge - July 2015
Trust, But Verify Your Processes & Procedures
How to Maximize Your Impact as a Nonprofit Board Member
How to Choose the Proper Pricing Strategy
Management Accounting & Improving Strategic Decision Making

CFO Inside Edge - June 2015
Why Enterprise Risk Management Is Critical for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses
The Importance of Proper Financial & Operational Infrastructure
Choosing the Right ERP Software
The Value of Obtaining a Second Opinion

CFO Inside Edge - May 2015
The Art of Giving & How It Benefits Your Business
The Importance of Linking Your Financial & Operational Strategy
What's Your "Next Big Thing" - and Will It Succeed?
How to Stay Competitive in Today's Fast-Changing World

CFO Inside Edge - April 2015
Six Tips for Communicating with Non-Financial Executives
Preventing Fraud: 12 Recommendations for People, Processes & Technology
How Your Clients Can Say "Goodbye" to Bad Client Relationships
The Benefits of Electronic Document Storage

CFO Inside Edge - March 2015
Choosing the Right Capital Structure for Your Business
The Benefits of Moving to Automated Expense Management
The Importance of Establishing an Email Retention Policy
Four Cornerstones of Business Success: 4. Culture

CFO Inside Edge - February 2015
How to Determine if a Company is Profitable or Not
Four Cornerstones of Business Success: 2. Vision
Four Cornerstones of Business Success: 3. Values
Why Accrual Accounting Is Preferable to Cash Accounting
Should You Use CapEx or OpEx for IT Investments?

CFO Inside Edge - January 2015
The Four Cornerstones of Business Success: Introduction
The Four Cornerstones of Business Success: 1. Mission
What is Your Professional Services Referral Style?
How Small Businesses Can Use Big Data
Why Cash Flow Management is Critical for Small Businesses

CFO Inside Edge - December 2014
How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
How to Find the Best Outsourced Service Provider for Your Needs
Generating Referrals: Three Ways to Help Referral Sources Remember You
Why You Need to Review a Complete Set of Financial Statements
Company Size Thresholds Impact Hiring a Full-Time CFO & An Alternative

CFO Inside Edge - November 2014
Los Angeles Business Journal Op-Ed (11/10/14): Forced Wage Raise Means Job Losses
Five Ways to Turn the Finance Department Into a Transformation Agent
How to Build a Winning Business Plan
What a CFO Brings to a Startup Company
The Role of Forensic Accounting in a Divorce

CFO Inside Edge - October 2014
Now is the Time for Year-End Business Planning
What's the Right HR Management Model for Your Business?
Growth Strategies: How Should You Finance New Equipment?
How to Maximize the Value of Your Finance & Accounting Department
How to Improve Resource Management & Allocation

CFO Inside Edge - September 2014
Why Forensic Accounting Should Be Part of M&A Due Diligence
Value: How to Project & Measure ROI in an Outsourcing Engagement
The Art of Referring: Introducing Qualified Professional Advisors
How to Retain Your Accounting Staff in an Improving Economy

CFO Inside Edge - August 2014
Four Steps for Improving Your A/R Collections Efforts
Maintaining Privilege in a Forensic Accounting Engagement
10,000 Boomers a Day Hit 65: What This Means for Exit Planning
Three Benefits of Working Virtually with a CFO Services Provider
Prevent & Detect Fraud Before It's Too Late

CFO Inside Edge - July 2014
Is Your Business Software System Helping - or Hindering - Your Company's Growth?
How Can Compliance Add to the Bottom Line?
Improving Communication with Your Finance & Accounting Department
SBA Loans Can Be Great Tools

CFO Inside Edge - June 2014
Driving Profitable Growth: How to Set Prices Throughout the Product Life Cycle (Profitability Series: Part 3 of 3)
The Importance of Managing Your Cash Conversion Cycle
What’s the Difference Between Financial Accounting & Forensic Accounting?
How An Outsourced Financial Professional Can Help Your Clients (and You)

CFO Inside Edge - May 2014
Don't Launch a New Business Venture Without a Trial Run
Eight Reasons to Turn to an Outsourced Professional
How to Help Your Clients Vet New Clients of Their Own
How Will Government Regulations Affect Your Business This Year?

CFO Inside Edge - April 2014
Will Your Sales Coverage Model Help Drive Profitable Growth? (Profitability Series: Part 2 of 3)
Overcome the Hurdles and Get the Business Loan You Deserve
Not-For-Profits: Delivering Maximum Value by Striving for Financial and Operational Excellence
The CFO's Strategic Role in Helping Lead Growth Initiatives

CFO Inside Edge - March 2014
Should You Revisit Your Forecast as the End of the Quarter Approaches?
Selling Your Business: Strategic Factors and Types of Buyers
How the Variable Interest Entity Proposal Could Benefit Businesses
How to Drive Profitable Business Growth (Profitability Series: Part 1 of 3)

CFO Inside Edge - February 2014
Six Ways to Leverage the Improving Economy
The Latest Efforts to Simplify Accounting for Small, Privately Held Companies
Myth Buster: Do You Really Need a Full-Time CFO?
Three Keys to Generating More Referrals

CFO Inside Edge - January 2014
CFO Edge Overview and Partner Bios
When Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Is a Great Business Decision
Six Tips for Allocating Startup and Seed Capital
Seven Ways to Maximize Value - and Price - When Selling Your Business
The Importance of a Holistic View of Financial Challenges

CFO Inside Edge - December 2013
New Case Study: RadNet, Inc.
IRS Releases Final Repair Regulations for Property Expenditures
Six Ways to Ensure a Good Fit With an Outsourced CFO
Referring Clients to a Financial Consulting Professional: Ten Traits to Look For

CFO Inside Edge - November 2013
New Brief: Year-End Strategic Planning & Forecasting
Who Is On Your Outsourcing Dream Team?
What To Do When Your Clients Are Navigating Rough Waters
Five Key Steps to Buying a Business
Managing Fraud, Interest Rate & Investment Risks

CFO Inside Edge - October 2013
Los Angeles Business Journal Op-Ed (10/28/13): Mayor Garcetti's First 100 Days
Acquisition Strategies: Integrating the Finance & Accounting Operations
Historical Financial Reporting vs. Future Financial Reporting
The Importance of Budgeting-to-Plan - Instead of Planning-to-Budget
The CFO's Secret Weapon: An Outsourced CFO

CFO Inside Edge - September 2013
Who is the Best Resource for Audit Preparation?
Six Ways to Assure Value When You Outsource Services
What is Benchmarking - and Why Is It Important?
How to Encourage Your Clients to Move Forward With an Engagement

CFO Inside Edge - August 2013
CFO Services Providers & CPAs: How They Differ
Two Types of Alternative Financing to Help Bridge Cash Flow Gaps
Is Cloud Computing Right For Your Business?
How to Help Your Startup Clients Meet Five Pressing Challenges

CFO Inside Edge - July 2013
How Outsourced CFO Services Can Help Your Business Do Better Than "Fine"
First Things First: The ABCs of Core Financial Operations
Five Questions to Ask to Help Ensure the Right Financial Consultant Referral
Outsourcing Benefits: Seven Ways They Help Grow Small Companies
What To Do When the Numbers Don’t Make Sense

CFO Inside Edge - June 2013
Executive Accountability: Three Areas to Monitor
Can You Afford to Outsource? Four Questions to Ask
Outsourced CFO Services: By Any Other Name
Four Approaches to Business Valuation

CFO Inside Edge - May 2013
Seven Ways a First Full-Time CFO Could Help Your Business
CFO Services: Benefits for Clients of Attorneys, Bankers & Capital Firms
Five Reasons to Take a Closer Look at SBA Loans
Five Things to Consider When Creating Employee Bonus Plans
Customer Loyalty: Five Ways To Make It Stronger

CFO Inside Edge - April 2013
How to Prepare a Business Loan Presentation
Wholesaler & Manufacturer Challenges: Cash, Credit & Capital (Part 1)
Wholesaler & Manufacturer Challenges: Strategic Cost Containment (Part 2)
Wholesaler & Manufacturer Challenges: Inventory Processes, Supply Chain Relationships & Distribution Networks (Part 3)
Wholesaler & Manufacturer Challenges: Pricing & Credit Management (Part 4)

CFO Inside Edge - March 2013
The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning
Risk Management: Focus on These Three Areas
The Importance of Business Budgeting
How to Boost Your Business' Cash Flow

CFO Inside Edge - February 2013
Measuring the Success of an Outsourced CFO
How Do You Measure an Internal CFO's Success?
The Lowdown on The Fiscal Cliff Legislation
SALT: What You Should Know About State and Local Tax Payments
The Benefits of Offering Employees a Retirement Plan
CFO Inside Edge - January 2013
Begin Preparing Now For the Affordable Care Act
The Business Case for Strengthening Employee Retention
Succession Planning: Is an ESOP the Right Tool for Your Business?
Managing and Financing Business Growth
The Importance of Strategic Planning
CFO Inside Edge - December 2012
Managing Your Business in the New Normal
M&A Due Diligence & Your Advisory Team
Should You Consider Growth Through Acquisition?
The Importance of Business Succession Planning
CFO Inside Edge - November 2012
Using Debt to Replace Equity Capital
Are Health Savings Accounts Right For You and Your Employees?
The Pros and Cons of Going Public
Going Public: Making the Decision
CFO Inside Edge - October 2012
Meeting Common Family Business Challenges
The Role of Internal Controls in Fraud Prevention
How to Guard Against Fraud and Emblezzlement
What You Should Know About Equity Financing
CFO Inside Edge - September 2012
What's the Difference Between Profits and Cash Flow?
The Primary Types of Business Loans
Guidelines For Investing Excess Business Cash
How to Properly Classify Your Workers
CFO Inside Edge - August 2012
Understanding Your Cash Flow Cycle
Accelerate Collection of Your Accounts Receivable
Options for Financing Capital Expenditures
Leveraging CFO Expertise
CFO Inside Edge - July 2012
Adapting to a Changing Regulatory Burden
The Importance of Strategic CAPEX Planning
Financial Ratio Analysis: Spot and Correct Financial Problems Early
The Importance of Strategic Cost Cutting
CFO Inside Edge - June 2012
Addressing Common Objections to Engaging a CFO Services Firm (6 of 9)
The Working Relationship with a CFO Services Firm (7 of 9)
What Outcomes Should You Expect From a CFO Services Engagement? (8 of 9)
Case Studies: Successful Outsourced CFO Services Engagements (9 of 9)
CFO Inside Edge - May 2012
Outsourced CFO Services: What Do They Include? (1 of 9)
When Do Outsourced CFO Services Make Sense? (2 of 9)
The Business Case for Engaging an Outsourced CFO Services Firm (3 of 9)
What To Look for In a CFO Services Firm (4 of 9)
Outsourced CFO Services: Identifying Shared Objectives (5 of 9)
CFO Inside Edge - April 2012
Wealth Preservation: Protecting Your Assets in Today's Economy
Financial Modeling to Guarantee Financial Decision Success
Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support
Accounting System Design: Creating the Right System for Your Company
Competitive Employee Benefits Packages
CFO Inside Edge - March 2012
Cash Flow Management During Good Times and Bad
Merger and Acquisition Integration
Using Break-Even Analysis to Determine Your Company's Financial Health
Adopting the 52-53 Week Fiscal Year
CFO Inside Edge - February 2012
Performance Measurement (2 of 4): Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Performance Measurement (3 of 4): Dashboards
Performance Measurement (4 of 4): Understanding the Balanced Scorecard
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles: The Big GAAP vs. Little GAAP Debate
CFO Inside Edge - January 2012
Performance Measurement (1 of 4): Understanding Critical Success Factors
The Importance of Appropriate Business Insurance Coverage
Ensuring Orderly Period-End Closing Procedures
Streamlining AR and AP Management Systems
CFO Inside Edge - December 2011
Outsourced CFO Services: Creating Opportunities for Your Business
Preparing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Staying on Top of the GAAP to IFRS Conversion
Strategic Planning
CFO Inside Edge - November 2011
M&A Planning: Buy-Side Due Diligence
Restatements: Potential Causes and Severe Ramifications
Internal Audits and Effective Risk Management Assessment
Protect Your Company Through Internal Controls
CFO Inside Edge - October 2011
Ensuring Payroll Tax Compliance
Management and Business Plans
Activity-Based Costing
The New Family Office: Affordable Wealth Management
Cutting Business Expenses Through Unconventional Methods
CFO Inside Edge - September 2011
Restructuring & Rightsizing
Foreign Operations & Currency Translation
Equity Financing
Contract Negotiation
Internal Fraud
CFO Inside Edge - August 2011
Getting the Most from an Outsourced CFO Services Provider
Planned Re-Exposure of Revised Revenue Recognition Standard
Risk Management Takes a High Profile in Corporate Governance Today
Data Security & Outsource Service Providers
Chart of Accounts Best Practices
CFO Inside Edge - July 2011
M&A Planning: Sell-Side Due Diligence
Incentive Compensation Plans that Work
Expense Reporting: Web Apps Gain on Spreadsheets
Procurement Cards
CFO Inside Edge - June 2011
Audit Preparation: A Formula for High Return on Audit Investment
Cash Flow Forecasting
Why Would a CFO Hire a CFO?
CFO vs. Controller: Understanding the Differences
CFO Inside Edge - May 2011
Revisiting Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Reinventing Your Company for Long Term Growth
Negotiating Fair Financial Covenants
Traditional Budgeting vs. Beyond Budgeting

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