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How to Encourage Your Clients to Move Forward With an Engagement

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC  
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You have probably seen it before: A client has pressing financial and operational challenges and knows they could benefit tremendously by bringing in an outsourced CFO services provider to help deal with them. But when it’s time to make the commitment to engaging the services provider, they hesitate, unable to pull the trigger - even though they know they should.

This is not an uncommon scenario among Los Angeles and Southern California business owners and executives. Often, the reason for this hesitancy has to do with how they view a gap between their status quo and their desired future result.

This article discusses the nature of this gap and offers suggestions on how to reframe deliberations so that what appears to be a high immediate "cost" can be more advantageously viewed as an investment generating ROI over a defined period of time.

Included in the discussion are two examples that illustrate how a CFO services engagement can generate measurable ROI based on setting and documenting clear objectives at onset.

If you have clients who are facing financial or operational challenges but can't pull the trigger on engaging an outsourced CFO services provider to help them, try to help your client view such an engagement as an investment, rather than a cost. An investment will generate future benefits and an ROI, which may be qualitative or quantitative. And encourage your client to set specific objectives for the engagement that are measurable - in a combination of short, medium and longer timeframes.

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