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The Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC  
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Every few months, it seems, a major natural disaster strikes somewhere in the world - reminding everyone how vulnerable we can be to the whims of Mother Nature. Most recently, it was super storm Sandy, which paralyzed much of the northeastern U.S. for weeks. And here in California, of course, we live under the ever-present threat of the Big One - a severe earthquake that could cause catastrophic damage stretching from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

As a business leader or executive, one of your most important responsibilities is to make sure your company is well prepared for a disaster - not only a huge natural disaster, but also relatively small but just as potentially damaging disruptions like power outages, computer and server crashes, burst pipes leading to floods, and security breaches.

The best way to prepare for such disasters and disruptions is to create a detailed disaster recovery plan (DRP), and this article describes the two main components, the four categories of business risk, and the importance of your internal disaster recovery team.

Los Angeles and Southern California business leaders and financial executives cannot afford to neglect the critical task of disaster recovery planning. It’s easy to think disasters always happen to someone else, but the reality is that they could strike any company, anywhere, at any time - so the time to prepare is before a disaster strikes. An outsourced CFO services provider can help you identify where your business is the most vulnerable and then create a disaster recovery plan that addresses your specific vulnerabilities.

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