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Selling Your Business: Strategic Factors and Types of Buyers

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC  
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Following up on our recent article, Seven Ways to Maximize Value - and Price - When Selling Your Business, we turn our attention to strategic factors and buyer types.

A key element in attaining the maximum sales price in selling a business is turning attention away from emotional considerations like the number of years and "sweat equity" you’ve invested.

Rather, approach the decision and process from a standpoint that is logical, rational and strategic. And then factor into the equation a comprehensive review of who the best potential buyers are likely to be.

This article encourages an honest assessment of why you're considering selling your business by asking five pertinent questions. Also discussed are the professional roles that should be represented on your selling team, as well as four types of buyers and their characteristics.

Moving beyond emotional factors and committing to sound strategic factors establishes a business sale on the right footing. Honest assessment of your situation and goals - along with clarity on who needs to be on your advisory team - will go a long way toward maximizing sale price and reaching other goals.

Owners and executives contemplating a business sale can benefit from talking with a provider of outsourced CFO services who has a proven track record as a formerly-seated chief financial officer on both buy- and sell-side teams.

For a detailed look at the elements discussed in the article, click here to download our complimentary eight-page white paper: Planning a Business Exit.

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