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Investor Relations: Not Just for Large Corporations

  Arthur F. Rothberg, Managing Director, CFO Edge, LLC  
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Executives leading privately-held small and mid-sized business may see investor relations as the domain of large corporations.

But for these small and mid-sized businesses that have any type of outside investor - including family members, friends and angel investors - investor relations are just as important as they are to large public corporations.

Reviewed in this article are the types of financial information that should be conveyed to investors, along with examples of questions that the financial information should address.

Consistent and thorough communication of financial information to investors in privately-held companies – although not a regulatory requirement – is needed so that investors are confident in the company and its leadership and are informed about how their investments are performing to their expectations.

Having a dedicated investor relations group is not warranted for small and mid-sized businesses, and executives leading these firms can benefit from taking with an on-demand CFO about an investor relations outreach.

A CFO partner brings proven expertise communicating with investors - both via investor relations departments at publicly-traded companies and with investors in privately-held businesses - and can provide support for packaging the right information to be communicated, as well as for managing investor communications.

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