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  From strategic planning to business management, special projects, and day-to-day financial operations, CFO Edge interim CFO services address a broad range of client financial challenges.

We create, grow and sustain value by providing the following CFO Services:

Financial Operations Business Management Strategy & Consulting
While these services and accompanying challenges vary in scope, complexity, and time required, CFO Edge professionals are experienced in achieving target objectives across all. Delivery of these services is characterized by the following:
  Seated chief financial officer expertise
Our professionals bring years of experience as seated chief financial officers with proven track records at companies of all sizes across diverse industries. They bring to engagements the right combination of seasoned expertise, leadership capability, and a strategic approach grounded in the larger view and end results. Our CFO services deliver the high-level, transformational financial consulting capabilities you would expect from an experienced financial advisor.

The right focus for the right amount of time
Client needs vary based on engagement parameters. CFO Edge responds by providing chief financial officers as interim CFOs, part-time CFOs, project-based CFOs, recruitment-to-permanent CFOs and interim-to-permanent CFOs. Varying engagement types support a professional's laser focus on specific challenges for a contracted period of time.

Fully-integrated member of your team
Our professionals become trusted, fully-integrated members of your team. In addition to providing professionals with the right skills, CFO Edge matches clients with professionals who are the right cultural fit. Our CFOs meet the highest standards for professional conduct and character: they are motivated and passionate about delivering the level of commitment you would expect from a full-time employee.

Proven processes and tools
Based on successful engagements with many companies of all sizes across a variety of industries, the professionals who deliver our CFO services bring to each engagement powerful processes and tools. This best-practice approach combines proven standardization with a unique-to-each client flexibility, and the combination accelerates delivery of sound practices and desired results.

Support from our entire team and online knowledge base
Because our professionals are connected to the entire CFO Edge team, our clients receive additional value. Our professionals draw on the collective experience of all of our CFOs, and they are also supported during engagements by access to our online knowledge base.
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